What is an E-cig?

Smoke without fire - using an electronic cigarette produces a cloud of nicotine-carrying vapor without the toxic bi-products of burning tobacco.


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As shown the image above,  all e-cigs are comprised of a simple combination of a electronic components, that, when activated vaporize a liquid to form vapor that represents the act of smoking. 

It’s primary components are a battery, a microchip or processer, an atomizer (wick or coil) and a cartridge that contains “E-liquid” to be vaporized.  For More about E-liquids click here.

Electronic Cigarettes come on all shapes and sizes, and are as personalized as ones watch, their jewelry, or car.  Many e-cigs look very similar to a common tobacco cigarette, while others become dramatic accessories for users to show some style. 

An E-Cig, or electronic cigarette is the first, viable smoking alternative to come to market in years.  



Because, for the first time, the nations 46 million smokers have viable alternatives to a tobacco cigarette.


Have you tried again and again to quit smoking without any luck? E-cigs are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. Firehouse E-Cigs has an extensive selection of starter kits and custom e-liquids to help you make the transition into vaping. You’ll enjoy sampling different e-juice flavors. As required by the FDA there is a fee for liquid sampling. 

Electronic cigarettes not only give your body the nicotine it craves, they also give you something to do with your hands and help you kick the habit. You’ll notice the difference in vaping immediately. Once our friendly and knowledgeable service team equips you with everything you need to vape, you’ll never look back.

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E-Cigs Do NOT:

- Produce Tar
- Produce Smoke (first or second hand)
- Contain Cyanide
- Stink up your house, clothes or car
- Produce carbon monoxide or any of the 70 other known carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes
- Drop ashes everywhere you smoke 
- Stain your teeth
- Burn holes in your seats, sheets or clothes
- Make you search endlessly for a ashtray every time you finish a butt
- Cause smokers cough
- Cause bad breath
- Make you stand out in the rain, cold or snow just to enjoy

E-Cigs DO:

- Provide a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes
- Cost less money than cigarettes
- Provide a reliable source of nicotine
- Taste great 
- Use e-liquids available in, literally, thousands of flavors
- Use e-liquids available in various strengths of nicotine, including 0 making it easier to step down
- Fulfill the “oral fixation” of smoking
- Make vaping more convenient - Easy to use and travel with
- Increase productivity by not forcing the user to step outside for 15 minutes to partake

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Electronic cigarettes were developed in 2003 by Hon Lik, a 52 year old Chinese pharmacist, inventor and smoker. Lik invented the e-cig after his father, who was a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer. 


Since its introduction in the US in 2007, the electronic cigarette market has exploded with more than 2.5 million users and generating more than 2 billion dollars a year in sales and are expected to surpass the sales of tobacco cigarettes by 2023.